March 29, 2024

Pioneering Decentralized AI and Data Sovereignty on the BNB Chain


Pioneering Decentralized AI and Data Sovereignty on the BNB Chain

In the evolving Web3 landscape, where identity forms the foundation of economic activity, Matchain is revolutionizing AI and user data interactions. By introducing the first AI Layer 2 rollup on the BNB Chain, we’re bringing AI products and users on-chain, with a strong focus on decentralized identity and data sovereignty. is leading this transformation, advocating for identity sovereignty, data sovereignty, and AI profiling. Our mission is clear: to address the inherent issues of Web 2.0 by harnessing the power of blockchain (Web 3.0) and artificial intelligence.

The Vision

We envision a future where users fully control their digital identities and data. Matchain’s mission is to build a decentralized AI ecosystem that prioritizes user privacy and data ownership, setting new standards for ethical AI practices. Our goal is to use advanced AI algorithms to create a cross-chain, cross-platform identity aggregation and data interoperability solution, leading the way to self-sovereignty in the Web3 era.

The Problem

Web 2.0 has brought significant advancements, but it has also introduced severe issues related to data privacy, identity theft, and lack of user control over personal data. Corporations hold unprecedented power over individual data, often exploiting it without transparent consent. This imbalance has led to growing concerns and demands for a more secure and user-centric internet.

Enter Web 3.0 and

In Web3, identity verification and data management present major challenges. Centralized platforms dominate account systems, creating data silos and compromising user privacy. Even with the growth of decentralized networks, on-chain identities remain fragmented and non-interoperable. Current AI models worsen these issues by exploiting user data without explicit consent, raising privacy concerns and allowing corporations to unfairly profit.

Web 3.0, driven by blockchain technology, promises to decentralize control and empower users. To truly address these issues, we must ensure each user has a unique, secure, and sovereign digital identity. This is where comes in.

The Solution

MatchID: Your Digital Identity Aggregator

At the heart of is MatchID, a revolutionary data aggregator that reads both on-chain and off-chain activities. MatchID provides users with a comprehensive dashboard displaying their data score or value based on their digital footprint and activities across various apps and decentralized apps (dApps). This allows users to see the true worth of their data and take control of it.

AI: The Key to Data Sovereignty

Artificial Intelligence is the linchpin of our solution. AI analyzes, trains, and creates a commercial value profile for each individual, quantifying their data worth. This empowers users to commercialize their data as they see fit. With AI, can offer precise and personalized insights, making data sovereignty not just a concept but a tangible reality.

Matchain addresses these critical issues by decentralizing AI through blockchain technology. Our platform ensures users retain ownership of their data and control its usage, providing a secure on-chain solution for data sovereignty.

  • Layer 2 Rollup on BNB Chain: Utilizing the Optimism stack, we handle high transaction volumes and provide low-latency interactions for AI dApps.
  • Decentralized Identity: Our solution allows users to verify their identity and interact with AI applications without revealing sensitive information, preventing unauthorized data access and misuse.
  • Data Sovereignty: We empower users to control their data, ensuring transparency and consent at every step.

Harnessing User Data for AI

Data is the lifeblood of AI, and is uniquely positioned to harness this resource effectively. With over 12 million registered users and more than 8 million monthly active users across our ecosystem projects, our platform has access to a rich and diverse data pool. This extensive user base enables our AI to deliver more accurate and valuable insights, enhancing the user experience and increasing data security and sovereignty.

The Technology

Migrating to BNB Chain and OP Stack

To further enhance our capabilities, is migrating its tech stack from the Cosmos ecosystem to the OP stack on the BNB Chain. This strategic move will make us the first AI Layer 2 rollup on BNB Chain, securing and scaling AI applications with decentralized identity and data sovereignty. The BNB ecosystem, known for its vast number of projects and liquidity, will provide us with unparalleled opportunities for growth and integration.

By using Opbnb solutions, we achieve scalability and efficiency for our Layer 2 rollup, ensuring fast, cost-effective transactions for AI applications.

The Impact

Matchain is revolutionizing AI applications and user data interactions by decentralizing AI on-chain, enhancing security and privacy. We are creating a fair ecosystem where users are rewarded for their contributions, perfectly aligning with Web 3 narratives of decentralization, data sovereignty, and ethical AI.

Impact in numbers:

  • 1 million Decentralized Identities created
  • Over 200k+ Daily Active Users
  • More than 700k+ Daily transactions recorded
  • Over 7.9M Monthly Active Users
  • More than 150M transactions in 10 months on the testnet

Contributors: Our network includes,,,, and over 40 other projects ready to deploy.

Decentralized Ownership and Governance operates on a decentralized model where validators play a crucial role. All gas fees from on-chain transactions are returned to the validators, who distribute them alongside mining rewards to both B2B and B2C collaborators. This collaborative approach ensures that is owned by everyone contributing to the decentralized internet, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Scaling Up

We are ambitious in our growth targets, aiming to increase our user base fivefold by the end of 2024. Our AI chain and comprehensive data management will provide users with unparalleled security and sovereignty, making us a leader in the Web 3.0 space.


In summary, we are amidst a torrent of identity transformation, with AI’s integration injecting new imagination into this change. The emergence of Matchain is a vivid footnote to this awakening of identity. It keenly observes the tide of technological change, anchoring with DID and sailing with AI, constructing an “identity bridge” across heterogeneous networks. Cross-chain identity aggregation, holographic user portraits, privacy-protective computing. Matchain is grounding these “black technologies” one by one, crafting a “Noah’s Ark” towards the future for countless fellow travellers in Web3.

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Matchain is a decentralized AI blockchain designed to secure and scale AI applications while prioritizing decentralized identity (DID) and data sovereignty.