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July 3, 2024

Matchain’s C-suite AMA highlights team’s vision on data sovereignty and leveraging AI

Matchain by the numbers

Network’s daily transactions: 390.91K (-42.14%)

Total unique wallets: 5.37M (+2.29%)

Total DIDs created: 953.1K (+0%)

Matchain Fam Telegram subscribers: 925.73K (+57.14%)

The metrics are accurate at the time of publication. The percentage change is over a 14-day period.

Exploring the chain

🔥 What we’re watching: Matchain recently hosted its AMA on X featuring Matchain’s C-suite team, providing an overview of its strategic direction, technological use cases, and future aspirations.

🔥 Why it matters: Leaders from the Matchain team shared their vision for the network, focusing on addressing critical issues regarding the use of AI and crypto. Matchain aims to enhance AI applications through decentralized identity and data sovereignty. During the AMA, the team emphasized that while AI is accessible to everyone, their goal is to improve AI usage by introducing more learning mechanisms and training models to create a more personalized experience for users.

Santosh Yellajosula, Chief Technology Officer at Matchain, highlighted the need to improve user processes, noting that current AI models have closed backends, which limits the customization of user experiences. With the integration of transparent computing operations, users can provide their own data to better train AI models and provide insight on how systems are built, which is a key objective for Matchain.

Tomasz Wojewoda, Chief Strategy Officer at Matchain, discussed the vision of data sovereignty and ensuring data ownership for all users. He mentioned that most AI models today are trained on public data without incentivizing users. Meanwhile, Matchain aims to resolve this issue by enabling users to retain ownership of their data, decide where it is utilized, and receive revenue for their data contributions.

Matchain hopes to make a significant impact not only on data and identity ownership but also empower its users, Petrix Barbosa, Matchain CEO, said on the X space.

Barbosa envisions a platform that visually displays the value of a user’s digital footprint, which could increase network engagement and time spent on the platform. He added that the community is their top priority and emphasized rewarding early adopters for their time and contributions to the chain.

🔥 TLDR: This AMA session emphasized Matchain’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and community engagement, laying a strong foundation for future growth in the decentralized AI ecosystem and user empowerment.

Highlighting the Matchain Ecosystem

Matchain introduced its newest ambassador selections to help foster community growth

Matchain released its Catch “M” game as part of its MatchQuest rewards campaign on Telegram

Phantom Arena extended the trial period for users to playtest its gameand participate in its arena airdrop campaign

Learn more about Matchain and its mission statement and vision, in a deep dive by X user pathofz

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Matchain is a decentralized AI blockchain designed to secure and scale AI applications while prioritizing decentralized identity (DID) and data sovereignty.