March 21, 2024

Match Chain Has Surpassed 100 Million Transactions


Match Chain, an interoperable and EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain, has crossed a significant milestone by surpassing 100 million transactions in just eight months. These numbers represent Match Chain’s diverse and thriving decentralized ecosystem and a commitment to the community for reliability and high performance, highlighting the rapid growth and adoption of digital currency. This rapid growth places Match Chan in line with Celo, Avail, and Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 blockchain, Shibarium, which achieved this milestone on the testnet in about a year. Moreover, Match Chain has had around 800K transactions in one day, and we are proud to say that Ethereum had these numbers in January 2023. Match Chan’s growth is fast and sustainable, prioritizing meeting all the needed requirements for a development that highlights the potential for Layer-2 solutions in enhancing the scalability and efficiency of blockchain networks.

Matching the difference

In the crowded landscape of decentralized techs, Match Chain is more than just a blockchain — it is a visionary project designed to act as a complementary chain that enhances the functionality and reach of existing blockchains. For Web3 developers, Match Chain provides the infrastructure to build novel and user-friendly dApps permissionlessly.

By driving innovations and relying on traditions, Match Chain addresses two primary concerns that every person in the blockchain space has to deal with:

Interoperability & Data Protection

Ease and connected

Match Chain’s unique proposition lies in its universal interoperability, which enables communication and transaction flow across all blockchain networks. This feature was designed to empower developers and businesses by allowing flexibility, efficiency, and convenience of innovation in developing dApps and other services.

Match Chain, already compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and approaching to compatibility with Move blockchain, has a unique and favorable position to bring interconnectivity to the next stage of its (r)evolution. By supporting these widely used platforms, Match Chain ensures that developers can easily extend their existing applications onto its network without requiring extensive rewrites. This compatibility also means that Match Chain users can enjoy a vast ecosystem of applications and services from day one, benefiting from the security, speed, and efficiency that the Match Chain network provides.

Safe and protected

In the modern world, user data has become the most crucial concern; at Match Chain, we are working on creating more competitive and secure solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, and we guarantee that user data remains secure and sovereign. Match allows users to share only the necessary data with third-party apps, ensuring true decentralization of data and returning the power over the data to people.

In a digital age where privacy concerns are paramount, Match Chain’s commitment to data sovereignty is a testament to its user-centric philosophy. Unlike traditional models, no single entity controls user data, marking a significant leap towards a genuinely decentralized and secure blockchain ecosystem.

A trusted journey forward

Crossing 100 million transactions on the testnet shows Match Chain’s diverse and thriving decentralized ecosystem. This milestone is also a testament to Match Chain’s commitment to reliability and performance, showing a steadily growing development. One hundred million transactions represent the trust and engagement of a growing community of developers, innovators, and early adopters who rely on Match Chain to achieve their goals, recognizing the potential of the Match Chain ecosystem. It is a clear indicator that the network is ready to support a wide range of applications and use cases on a global scale.

Match Chain Testnet: See Charts

In preparation for the mainnet launch in March, Match Chain is embarking on a tour across the globe, attending major blockchain events and conferences. With stops in Singapore, Zurich, Paris, Lisbon, Bucharest, Bangkok, and Dubai, Match Chain showcases its innovative solutions to a global audience. These events offer an opportunity for the blockchain community to get a firsthand look at Match Chain’s capabilities and understand the vision behind its user-centric approach to data sovereignty and interoperability.

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Matchain is a decentralized AI blockchain designed to secure and scale AI applications while prioritizing decentralized identity (DID) and data sovereignty.