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March 21, 2024

Match Chain: A Year of Boundless Innovation and Global Connections

The year 2023 struck a perfect balance between diligent efforts in product development and dynamic participation in engaging events. It was a period marked by meticulous dedication and considerable advancement. Let’s take a look back at all the significant progress we’ve made.

Binance Blockchain Week, Istanbul

Match Chain sponsored Binance Blockchain Week, Istanbul, a prestigious event that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world.

On the first day of the event, CEO Petrix Barbosa took center stage, delving into data sovereignty in a panel.

Barbosa highlighted the importance of data sovereignty in Web3, emphasizing that users should have control over their own data. He contrasted data sovereignty in Web3 with that of Web2, where user data is often collected and monetized by large corporations without the user’s consent.

Later that day, Match Chain’s CMO, Anastasia Drinevskaya, moderated a panel discussion titled “What it takes to build a killer Web3 project.”

The panel explored the essential components necessary for successful Web3 projects. Panelists discussed the importance of having a clear vision for the project, building a strong team, and creating a community around the project. They also emphasized the need for user-friendly projects to provide users real value.

Anastasia Drinevskaya and Petrix Barbosa also gave a short interview for CoinDesk, where they discussed market expectations in the near future.

The day concluded with an afterparty sponsored by Match Chain, providing entertainment and a lively atmosphere for developers, KOLs, and investors.

Las Vegas Formula 1

Match Chain partnered with Aioka to host an unforgettable experience at the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix. We are grateful for this opportunity to our friends — Bally Singh and Ana Santos, who helped showcase our infrastructure to a global audience.

We engaged with industry giants from across the blockchain ecosystem, including Origin Protocol, OKX, InBetweeners, and many more.

Jessie Xiao, Matthew Liu, Petrix Barbosa, Lauren Croke, Anastasia Drinevskaya

Abu Dhabi Formula 1

Match Chain returned to the Formula 1 circuit to sponsor the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Teaming up with Binance, OKX and Cointelegraph, we mingled with industry leaders and enthusiasts, expanding our global reach and exploring new collaborative opportunities.

David Fregonas, Yana Prikhodchenko, Petrix Barbosa, Anastasia Drinevskaya, Stefan Becker

Art Basel, Miami Beach

CBDO Jessie Xiao explored the vibrant intersection of art and technology at Art Basel, Miami Beach. Jessie participated in a series of Web3 events representing Match Chain and co-hosted an event that brought together artists, builders, and investors.

AI Summit New York

The AI Summit in New York was another highlight, with Jessie Xiao and Anastasia Drinevskaya exploring partnerships and future trajectories for Match Chain in the AI realm. This summit opened doors to inspiring possibilities and fresh perspectives.

INTOverse Summit, Kuala Lumpur

CEO Petrix Barbosa delivered a keynote speech at the INTOverse Summit, Kuala Lumpur. Barbosa delved into the dawn of Web3, the rise of SocialFi, and the transformative potential of Match Chain.

The keynote helped to solidify Match Chain’s position as a leading Web3 project in Southeast Asia. It also provided a platform for Match Chain to explore new collaborative opportunities.

Mainnet Launch in March 2024: We are one step closer to a major milestone — the launch of Match Chain’s Mainnet in March 2024. This represents not only a technological achievement, but also the fruition of a year filled with unwavering effort, dedication, and conviction in the transformative potential of Web3.

Innovations Taking Shape

Since initiating our testnet in June 2023, we’ve witnessed our user base expand to over 4.4 million monthly active users and more than 600,000 daily transactions, a testament to our incredible community’s belief and support in our vision. Your invaluable contributions are the cornerstone of our progress. We are profoundly grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm, and we encourage you to remain actively involved with our ongoing updates and developments. Your continued support is immensely appreciated!

In addition to our global engagement, here are some key innovations that we have been working on:

Testnet: Launched successfully in June 2023, paving the way for community testing and feedback.

Bridge and DEX: Development underway, bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance.

Dev Docs and SBTs: Unveiling clear documentation for developers and our community features.

Faucet Application Open: Welcoming developers and enthusiasts to explore and contribute to our ecosystem.

New Website: Rebranding to find the most effective approach to presenting our vision and roadmap.

These innovations will help to make Match Chain a more powerful and versatile platform for building decentralized applications.

Partnerships and Publicity

Media and Event Highlights

Our features in Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, Blockchainmagazine, Coinmarketcap and many more have opened doors for us to share our vision with the community and expand partnership opportunities.

Collaborative Ventures

Our involvement with CEXs and regional community leaders at the INTOverse Summit has been instrumental in expanding our network across various continents.

2023: A Year of Looking Ahead

As 2023 ends, Match Chain is preparing for an exciting 2024. Due to our technological advancements, worldwide connectivity, and upcoming Mainnet launch, we are set to be leaders in the Web3 revolution. The future is bright, and Match Chain stands at the forefront, ready and enthusiastic to embrace new opportunities.

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Matchain is a decentralized AI blockchain designed to secure and scale AI applications while prioritizing decentralized identity (DID) and data sovereignty.