June 5, 2024

Introducing Match Points: Your Gateway to Early Matchain Rewards


Introducing Match Points: Your Gateway to Early Matchain Rewards

Get Ready for Our Mainnet with Match Points

At Matchain, we are driven by a vision of a future where individuals have complete control and sovereignty over their digital identities. Our mission is to build a decentralized Web3 ecosystem that democratizes data ownership, prioritizes privacy, and empowers users to harness their data for personal, social, and economic growth.

As we near a significant milestone in our journey, we're thrilled to announce the launch of the Match Points (MPs) Program.

What Are Match Points?

Match Points are our token of appreciation for your active involvement in the Matchain community. By farming every day, inviting friends, and completing various tasks, you will earn MPs.

The Match Points initiative offers our community a unique chance to earn rewards leading up to our much-anticipated mainnet launch. By participating in Matchain activities, farming with MatchQuestBot, and inviting your friends, you can collect Match Points, which will translate into exclusive benefits.

Introducing MatchQuestBot: Farm, Engage, and Earn Match Points

MatchQuestBot is a new gamified mini-app integrated into the Matchain ecosystem on Telegram. Users can access the bot directly through the Matchain channel and start earning "Match Points" by completing a variety of fun, engaging quests.

The MatchQuestBot is designed to encourage regular participation, foster community engagement, and offer rewarding challenges for Matchain users of all experience levels. Key features include:

  • Farm and claim Match Points every 8 hours
  • Finish listed tasks and claim more Match Points
  • Invite friends and get more Match Points

To get started, simply access the MatchQuestBot through any invite link you can get from Matchain officials, community members, or via participating Matchain events. We can't wait to see you climb the leaderboards and earn incredible rewards!

Start to Earn Match Points and Participate Now!

How to Earn Match Points

All participants can earn Match Points simply by registering with MatchQuestBot and engaging in the following activities:

  • Farm Match Pointssome text
    • Time-efficient farming: Remember to claim your MPs every 8 hours.
    • Proof-of-work: The more often you farm, the more MPs you will claim!
  • Invite friends to MatchQuestBotsome text
    • Limited Invites to Start: When you join the program, you'll receive 7 initial invites.
    • Accumulate MPs from your invitees: You will earn 10% of your invitees’ points, plus an additional 3% of their referral points.
    • Leverage your MPs: Encourage your friends to farm MPs! The more your friends farm, the more you earn.
  • Complete the tasks on the Task pagesome text
    • Complete all to get more MPs: An extra 200 MPs will be rewarded if you complete all tasks.
    • Complete all to unlock more invites: Completing all tasks will unlock an additional 5 invites for you!

Why Participate Now?

Engaging with Matchain now is vital for several reasons:

Early Rewards: Accumulate Match Points before our mainnet launch to qualify for exclusive rewards available only to our early and most active members.

Shape the Community: Your participation helps us build a robust community. By inviting friends and completing tasks, you will be rewarded for contributing to the growth and success of Matchain.

Snapshot Opportunity: We will take a snapshot of all accumulated Match Points at a specific date. This snapshot will determine the distribution of exclusive rewards during our mainnet launch, so maximize your MPs beforehand!

Time-Limited Opportunity: This program is time-limited and will conclude with the mainnet event. Your Match Points will be accumulated from Day 1 of your participation. The earliest and most active participants will most likely be the winners!

Get Started Today!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to earn Match Points and join us on the Matchain journey to mainnet. Engage with us now, invite your friends, and complete tasks to maximize your rewards before the mainnet launch.

Stay updated with more information about the snapshot and evolving tasks. Together, we can build a thriving community and pave the way for a successful mainnet launch!

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