April 1, 2024

From Stealth to Scale: How Match Chain Hit 100 Million Transactions in 2024

After quietly working behind the scenes for the last year and a half, Match Chain is truly coming into its own in 2024.

With the testnet exceeding 100 million transactions and attracting over 6 million monthly active users, Match Chain has emerged from its stealth mode to scale its user base, which already exceeds 800k+ DID users.


This year, we’re celebrating big achievements and laying down a strong base for all the exciting things we’ve got planned next. This progress is all thanks to the incredible support from our community, dedicated partners, and visionary investors. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting things we’ve accomplished and what we’re planning for the future.

Building a stronger ecosystem with key partnerships

We’ve strengthened our ecosystem by teaming up with some big names like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. These partnerships are all about using their strengths to make Match Chain’s offering even stronger.


AWS Incubator Program offers up to $100k in AWS credits, dramatically reducing development and operational costs for builders on Match Chain. It’s a big win for developers looking for robust support and resources.


Leveraging Google’s Big Data expertise, our ecosystem gains access to sophisticated technologies for deeper data analysis and personalization. This partnership not only boosts user engagement but also sharpens project targeting. By clustering users through their AI model, we’re crafting smarter, more intuitive applications and services. This strategic collaboration is set to enhance the web3 experience for both consumers and builders, optimizing interactions through a data-driven approach.

Powered by strategic investment and fresh innovations

This quarter, we’re proud to have GSR join us as a strategic investor. Their decade-long expertise in the crypto market, both as a seasoned market maker and an active investor across multiple stages, not only marks a significant vote of confidence in our vision and technology but also underscores the strategic importance of their backing.

The expansion of our ecosystem has been another area of focus. Thanks to the efforts of Jessie, our Chief Business Development Officer, and Ismail, our Head of Growth, we have successfully integrated numerous impactful new projects. With Jessie’s background in web3, government relations, and private equity and Ismail’s distinctive blend of medical engineering and strategic growth expertise in multiple Layer1s and elite protocols, they are propelling our mission to connect diverse realms towards a brighter tomorrow.


We’ve expanded our ecosystem to include ten projects in five main areas: Gaming, SocialFi, DeFi, Ticketing, and E-commerce. Each project brings something unique, from connecting gamers and building virtual worlds, to improving e-commerce and ticketing platforms with better tech.

We’re also making strides in the DeFi field with projects that merge decentralized finance with real assets and enhancing gaming with new AAA titles that smoothly integrate in-game currency and assets.

Our collaboration with Rarible creates a more secure and integrated NFT marketplace, improving liquidity and trading experiences. For NFT creators and collectors, this translates to easier access and smoother transactions within a trusted environment.

Our ecosystem’s expansion with these projects reflects our commitment to innovation and creating value in a range of industries. For more projects, check out They all will employ Match ID, a seamless web3 sign-in simplifying access and enriching user data, enabling users to commercialize their personal information all whilst maintaining complete data sovereignty.

Match Chain’s technical rollout: A guide for builders

Over the next few months, we’re launching new tools and features to give builders and our community more power, insight, and efficiency. Highlights include:

  • MatchID SDK Launch: Simplifying the onboarding process, the MatchID Software Development Kit (SDK) will provide builders with a streamlined way to integrate user authentication and identity verification into their projects, enhancing user experience right from the start.
  • MatchID Dashboard Insights: champions user data sovereignty by providing detailed analytics on Decentralized Identifier (DID) users. This tool enriches builders with crucial insights into user behavior and preferences, promoting a shared economy where consumers benefit from their input. It’s a win-win: enhancing user experiences and enabling DApp operators to tailor their services with user-driven data, leading to more customized interactions across ecosystems beyond Match Chain.

Roadmap highlights include:

  • Mar — Apr: We’re integrating DID features, Domain Name System (DNS) capabilities, AI-Powered User Profiles, and an Open DID API. These enhancements aim to boost user security and personalization, while also providing builders with more flexibility and interoperability for their applications.
  • Apr — Jun: Ahead of the Token Generation Event (TGE), we’re launching a Credit Token system and an EVM-compatible Layer2 solution, along with a Universal Explorer. The Credit Token will facilitate transactions and interactions within the ecosystem, while our Layer2 solution ensures scalability and lower transaction costs. The Universal Explorer will make blockchain data more accessible and transparent.
  • Jul — Oct: We’re excited to enhance our tech with AI-powered databases and data analysis tools, alongside Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Layer2 solutions. This step forward will significantly improve data privacy and analysis, giving builders incredible insights to better understand users and boost project performance. It’s all about turning data into actionable intelligence, sparking deeper engagement, and lifting projects to new heights. This phase is a big leap towards a future where every decision and interaction is backed by insightful, data-driven strategies
  • Nov — Next Year: The development of the DA Blockchain for Match signifies a major leap forward, focusing on decentralization and autonomy, offering builders a robust infrastructure for deploying and managing decentralized applications (dApps) with enhanced efficiency and security.

As we continue to develop and enhance the Match Chain ecosystem, we remain committed to providing builders and communities with the tools and technologies they need to create innovative and user-centric projects. Keep an eye on and subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing updates and new features designed to support your growth and success in the evolving Web3 landscape. Welcome to a future where building on blockchain is made easier and more impactful.

Meet the Match Chain team during Token2049 DUBAI:


Match Chain is set to make a significant impact during Token 2049 Dubai, showcasing their solutions across several key events. As the main sponsors, they will kick off their presence with a prominent keynote and panel discussions at Cosmos Dubai on April 16th, where they will share insights and latest developments in blockchain technology. The momentum continues on April 17th with an exclusive VIP Luncheon, an event that promises to offer unparalleled networking opportunities for leaders and enthusiasts in the blockchain space. The pinnacle of Match Chain’s activities will be the much-anticipated MatchID launch event on April 18th at “Art In Space” marking a major milestone in their journey to redefine digital identity through blockchain. Together, these events underscore Match Chain’s commitment to innovation and their pivotal role in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

About Match Chain:

Match Chain serves as an interoperable user traffic middle layer dedicated to accelerating mass adoption by bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3, powered by Cosmos SDK.

It facilitates the development of AI-driven user-friendly dApps primarily through its flagship product, MatchID, a low threshold DID registration system designed to import large-traffic web2 users and efficiently circulating user traffic between different protocol layers (Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Aptos). MatchID allows users from different chains to natively access their product without needing to create new credentials. Such seamless access will be enabled through MatchHub, a unified front-end platform where users can interact with protocols via a single sign-in using their DIDs.

Learn more:

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